BeeTV Download for Android, iOS, and FireStick

Having a movie or one of your favorite TV shows is the best way you can spend your leisure cheerfully. Meet “BeeTV”, the one-stop solution for all your streaming needs bringing you immense proficiencies. It holds high popularity as a streaming app thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Instead of hosting content within the app, BeeTV App works in partnership with rich media sources/ sites. According to what you are looking for, BeeTV Download can bring the best content in minutes.

BeeTV APK Download

Availability of BeeTV Download covers a wide area including Android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, and Mac. You can find all instructions for installing the app on each platform here with us to have a smoother experience with the app.

What is BeeTV Download?

BeeTV is a number of movie streaming applications that you can download for totally free. You can have BeeTV download support on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Firestick, Mac, and windows. This high-rated streaming app has more than 10,000,000 installs so far from around the world. And with its easy user interface, we find more users fall in love with BeeTV App each passing day adding more community support. If you are a big fan of movies and TV shows, BeeTV will bring the best support throughout. Even though it does not host content within its frame; it has support from many sites that are hosting media.

What are the Best Features?

BeeTV is a very popular app to stream movies and it is not a secret. And thanks to all the BeeTV Features, it continues to be the favorite streaming app for many. For example, the “special request” feature you will find with BeeTV APK is one notable feature that is missing from many similar category apps. With that, you can place a request to the developers of the app if you do not get the exact match to what you search for. Thanks to this feature, many users stay with BeeTV as it gives priority to user requests in feeding up the content.

Likewise, it brings many useful features to the users. Check out some of the best for further learning of the BeeTV App.

  • Comes in a minimal and easy-to-use work interface
  • Completely free download rights
  • Supported with a wide variety of content
  • Availability as a lightweight, simple application to download and use
  • Require no registration or subscriptions
  • Takes only a minimal number of advertisements causing no big interruptions
  • All content available in HD
  • Highly compatible with Chromecast
  • Allowed to download content in local storage to watch offline

Quick Facts

  • Application name: BeeTV
  • Available platforms: Android, iOS, PC, FireStick, Shield, Roku, Nvidia, Smart TV
  • Last Update in the year 2022
  • BeeTV latest version: v3.1.8
  • App category: Entertainment (for Movies and TV shows)
  • Ratings: Highly rated app
  • Reported installs: over 10,000,000
  • Cost per download: Free

Install BeeTV App APK on Android- v3.1.8 Latest

  • As this is 3rd party installation, first enable Unknown sources from the device’s settings. For that, go to Settings > Security and find the option to enable Unknown sources.
Install BeeTV App
BeeTV Install
  • Now Download BeeTV v3.1.8 latest version on Android
  • Once Download is completed, you can go to Download Location and continue to hit the APK file to start the installation process
BeeTV App
  • You can now follow the screen instructions to run the installation of the app orderly. In minutes, you will find the BeeTV app icon on the Home Screen of your Android Smartphone. It is now time to launch and enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows from the app!

This app Installing is available on multiple devices. If you were ever worried about the possibility to have BeeTV for Android TV Box & Smart TV, you must check out the following steps to Install BeeTV APK on Android TV Box & Smart TV.

BeeTV App on Android TV Box & Smart TV

  • Before proceeding with the installation, enable “Unknown sources”
  • Launch the browser application from your Android TV Box or Smart TV and continue with Download BeeTV Latest Version on your device
  • Next, with the support of the File Explorer Application, locate the APK file on the Local Disk
  • To start with the installation of the BeeTV App, tap on it
BeeTV App

Note: Once the installation is completed, you can remove the APK file from the device to free up space

Install BeeTV App on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

To Install BeeTV iOS, you need to take the support of a third-party app store. We recommend you to take an application store like “App Valley” in which many third-party applications are available that you could not take from the Official App Store.

  • You can follow us to Download BeeTV directly from us or can follow AppValley to proceed in the way
  • After the installation trust the profile from AppValley
  • Go to the store and search for the app to run with the installation (the installation takes similar processing just like you are taking a usual app install)
BeeTV App

Make sure you trust the BeeTV profile before you launch the app to proceed.

Install BeeTV App on Windows PC and Mac

You could not find any official BeeTV App versions for Windows PC/ Mac or Laptop. But you can still enjoy BeeTV on PC with the support of an Android Emulator. We recommend you to choose a reputed option like BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

BeeTV App
BeeTV Download on Windows and Mac
  • Choose an Android Emulator for you and follow up with an offline setup download
  • You can tap on the file to commence the installation (the offline setup)
  • If the installation is finished and you are ready to go, you can search for BeeTV App Download for Android
  • Right-click the downloaded file and go to open with > BlueStacks or any other Android Emulator you have downloaded
Android Emulator
BeeTV Download
  • The Emulator will find the app and will start with the installation
  • In minutes you will find the installation over letting you enjoy BeeTV on the big screen

Install BeeTV on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV

To have unlimited fun with the best movies and TV shows, you can get BeeTV App on Firestick and Fire TV by Amazon. Those who love enjoying videos on the big screen will love to have the installation guide here. Take a look!

There are mainly two methods to Download BeeTV App on Firestick/ Fire TV

  • Method 01- Downloader App Method
  • Method 02- ES File Explorer Method
BeeTV on Firestick and Fire TV

You can Install BeeTV App and locate the file in the “Apps and channels” you find in Firestick. Then you can find the app in the list (make sure you click “See all” to get the app in the end)

BeeTV Apps and Channels

For easier access, you can simply drag it to the top

How to use BeeTV App on your Device?

The complete user interface of BeeTV is super supportive with the minimal design and structure. You can easily navigate through the features soon once launched. At the first glance, you will catch the popular titles easily next to your fingertip.

  • You can use the search bar of the App to locate your favorite TV shows or Movies
  • With the default BeeTV Media Player, you can enjoy all kinds of media formats with high quality
BeeTV user guide
How to use BeeTV
  • You can get BeeTV subtitles support from the playback menu while playing your favorite movie or TV show on BeeTV
  • And with the feature “Special Request”, you can place a request to the developers about feeding a movie or TV show to BeeTV content. You can access this feature from the main menu

User Guide to the App


For unlimited entertainment with your favorite movies, videos, and TV shows BeeTV offers the highest support. It is easy to download the app on your device by following the respective guidelines. And here we bring some important facts for further learning about how to stream videos in BeeTV.

  • You have to launch the BeeTV App latest version to get the latest options on the screen
  • In the top left corner, you will find the main menu
  • Tap to start streaming movies and TV shows
  • In the search option, tap the content name you are looking for
  • You will get the search results with descriptions and a play button
  • With a hit on it, you will be asked to download through an inbuilt video player, you can skip and proceed
  • On the next page, you will get different links with the content in which you can select the best match
  • Now continue with the “Play button” to watch your favorites

It is very easy to access BeeTV and stream video content. The app has come to the user with many speed tests and trials to give the best. You can get amazing performance with BeeTV App without getting any lags and interruptions. For unlimited entertainment, why not try BeeTV Download?

HD Quality content
BeeTV HD Quality

Why does this stand out from BeeTV Alternatives?

In the market today, BeeTV is the best streaming app available to free download. It brings support through a wide array of BeeTV content covering from older to the latest options. The entire interface is easy to company and you have a chance to easily download your favorites directly to your device. And all its videos are available in HD quality guaranteeing unlimited entertainment right next to your fingertips. Then why wait to grab your chance with the best streaming app BeeTV Download Free?

FAQ-Frequently asked questions

Anything unclear in mind about the use of BeeTV? Take a look at the App FAQs to get everything clear and easy.

  • Does BeeTV allow downloading movies?

Yes, you can download any video content on BeeTV to your device. You can find the download button next to the description of each content.

  • Will the app affect the functioning of your Android?

Simply, not at all. It is 100% safe to use the BeeTV app on Android or any other device. In fact, BeeTV will not access other features and functions of your device to which you have not allowed permission through the app. And BeeTV App does not require Android Root or any other special MODs or Frameworks to function.

  • Can you take BeeTV app on iOS?

As a third-party video streaming app, this is not available on the Apple app store to download. However, you can still get Download BeeTV for iOS safely. BeeTV does not require iOS jailbreak to function on Apple iOS. What you need is only a safe third-party source to work through.

  • Can you use other Media Players to watch videos downloaded through BeeTV?

Yes, you can. BeeTV App has a media player built in. However, you can watch all favorite movies, TV shows and videos using any media player.

BeeTV Media Player
  • Why does BeeTV show buffering for some long?

You can find BeeTV working fine with many contents and working extremely properly without any complaints. Buy in case it shows buffering more than usual, that may be something related to compatibility, larger file size, connection issue, or anything alike. Be sure to visit BeeTV troubleshooting from us to get this sorted out well.

  • How can I get the latest update to BeeTV Application?

The app comes offering a number of updates regularly. If you have BeeTV already, it will show up the latest update when available. Alternatively, you can visit us at any time to catch BeeTV official apps.

  • Does BeeTV App show data Errors so often?

No, this will not come frequently. No Data Error on BeeTV comes when you are down with the network. You can easily fix this up making the Network connection fine. Refer to the guide for further details.

  • Do you find more BeeTV Alternatives?

BeeTV App is great and comes providing a wide collection of movies and TV shows from your favorites. Together, it comes with favorable BeeTV features. But in case if you get any trouble or dissatisfaction, you can move to a similar video streaming app.

  • Does the App have a Subtitle section?

BeeTV owns the biggest subtitle section of all. You can find video content from around the world here with the app. Supporting that, you can find more than 100 different languages in the BeeTV Subtitle section. And using MX Player, you can even include your local language.

BeeTV Subtitles Section
  • Is it an Ad-Free App?

Yes, it has extremely low space for ads. So you can enjoy all BeeTV functions without interruptions.

  • Is it Free to use?

Yes, BeeTV App is 100% free to download and use. To make use of it with any feature you do not need to pay a penny here. Remember that and follow up with the right download source. You will find all downloads from us with guaranteed safety.

  • Is BeeTV Free from Viruses?

This amazing app has come to the public after many tests and trials. It is 100% safe to process streaming applications that will not bring any harmful content. It is 100% safe in any available version and completely free.

The End Note

BeeTV App is a perfect option for you to enjoy unlimited streaming capabilities for totally free. Thanks to its availability on all platforms, you can have the best chance to BeeTV Download with nothing complex. The entire work framework of BeeTV is straightforward and will not bring anything complex involved. But in case you get any issues in processing, you can write to us in the comments to learn more about the app.